Tangier, at the crossroads of Europe and Africa

Tangier is without a doubt the best city for a taste of cosmopolitanism in Morocco. Located at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, Tangier was once a place of inspiration for writers and painters coming from Europe and America.

Nowadays, the port of Tangier can be best discovered by getting lost in the kasbah, admiring its white architecture before heading to the sea and strolling on Tangier Corniche to blend with the locals.

Continue your exploration of the area along the coast with the mythical Caves of Hercules and Cape Spartel, a promontory located 1,000 feet above the sea at the entrance of the strait of Gibraltar. What’s more? Some of the best beaches in Morocco are located nearby both on the Mediterranean side and on the Atlantic side.


  • Hercules Cave
  • Médina de Tanger
  • Cap Spartel
  • Tangier Casbah
  • Parc Perdicaris
  • Musee de la Kasbah
  • Tangier Beach